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Effective contributions to any organization, and to society as a whole, require a sense of purpose, an understanding of what motivates us and the ability to derive satisfaction from achieving objectives. Coaching can impart the kind of positive attitude and orientation necessary to be an optimal contributor.


According to the International Coaching Federation, 86% of companies that offer team coaching report recouping their investment or increased profitability. What’s more, 80% of individuals who receive coaching say they have greater self-confidence, and more than 70% report improved work performance, better relationships, and having an easier time communicating.



WorkLife career coaching helps to identify personal goals and objectives and align and connect them to the direction of the organization. If the objectives involve changing course or exploring new possibilities.

WorkLife career coaching facilitates the dialogue and helps to explore the answers to questions such as, “What are the possibilities, how open is the individual to risk and are these objectives consistent with what the individual has learned through self-exploration”?

We develop with the individual, a custom designed process which includes:
– Passion and interest exploration
– Development of a career action plan
– Strategies for self-management techniques
– Improved communication skills
– Articulation of value added competencies
– Upgraded job descriptions, resumes and experience

How does
Individual Coaching work?

Coaching is done either in person, if location permits, or over the phone on a weekly or bimonthly basis depending on personal needs and time commitment. Each session usually lasts 30 minutes to one hour, and again, is based on the designed partnership.


For the executive, new leadership and management skills and styles must be learned in each subsequent organizational stage.

At WorkLife, our unique style of Leadership coaching provides an external, objective perspective on highly complex organizational issues that can yield specific benefits including:

– Substantial improvement in communications at all levels
– Higher levels of energy and creativity
– Improved decision-making processes
– Specific behavioral changes that promote the mission, values and goals of the individual and organization
– Significantly improved conflict management and negotiation skills and more effective management of time consistent with what is important, not just urgent


WorkLife facilitates the implementation of organizational change and growth through the creation of effective team behaviors. Team meetings and off-sites are tailored to the uniqueness of every organization to meet the needs of each specific situation. We use culture, personality, motivational and style models to help re-frame issues and identify core obstacles.

Our dialogue process builds understanding and insight through the creation of enhanced conversations. Our expertise includes:

– Strategic planning
– Goal setting
– Vision/mission development
– Conflict management
– Consensus decision making


The WorkLife model for O. D. Consulting focuses on competency development and identifying behavioral benchmarks of excellence – the organizational “DNA” required to execute the business strategy. Our holistic approach includes an integration of both technical IQ and behavioral EQ to produce a core competency framework. This framework supports hiring and selection, performance management systems and succession planning.

WorkLife explores the organization’s “competitive advantage” through the alignment, development and engagement of its people. This “talent mind-set” focuses on:

– Corporate culture
– Organizational adaptability, innovation, and agility
– Capacity for frequent, insightful and honest dialogue across all levels

How does Executive
or Group Coaching work?

Executive Coaching is done either in person, if location permits, or over the phone based on your availability, goals and schedule. For groups and organizations, we customize a program specifically tailored to address your most pressing needs or corporate objectives.

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The Birkman Method® is the only assessment that measures an individual’s underlying needs, which, when fulfilled, provide the comfort and motivation for them to be productive and satisfied in their careers and lives.


About WorkLife™ Consulting

For over 30 years, Co-Founders Dave & Laura Butler have coached and consulted across an array of industries on a breadth of our subject matter areas using replicable and growth-stimulating methods. A background in theater and professional acting informs the foundation of our consultancy. We look forward to helping you put on the performance of a lifetime.



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