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Also known as “SCRUM TEAMS”, these improvisational, creative and fun group opportunities allow for the individuals to find innovative solutions to complex and stubborn issues. They also offer interactive “rehearsals” to discover synergies in new skill and perspective approaches for team interaction.


Based on the Native American tradition of the “Talking Stick”, these collaborative meeting techniques ensure participation and consensus as well as a more comprehensive decision making process. Also known as the “Circle of Trust” technology, the long term effects of this approach can overcome the cultural problems plaguing organizational life.

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Needs are what you crave from your environment and the people around you. Needs vary widely between people, and they are not observed simply from behavior.

The Birkman Method is the only assessment that measures an individual’s underlying needs, which, when fulfilled, provide the comfort and motivation for them to be productive and satisfied in their careers and lives.


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For over 30 years, Co-Founders Dave & Laura Butler have coached and consulted across an array of industries on a breadth of our subject matter areas using replicable and growth-stimulating methods. A background in theater and professional acting informs the foundation of our consultancy. We look forward to helping you put on the performance of a lifetime.



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