Drop of Birkman
In a world of diversity the most important activity is to build better communication and conversation throughout the organization. Without a common language, vision and goals and common methods Change programs are bound to fail. A client of mine used to call this aspect of organizational life “getting it into the drinking water”.

One of the best ways to do this is to use the Birkman Method® for building perspective and language around communication style, motivation and interaction. The client I have in mind started with himself and then included his core leadership team in utilizing The Birkman Method® for understanding self and others. As new insights developed and relationships were enhanced, trust between the members of the team grew exponentially. By understanding each other and each other’s perspectives they were able to be more flexible and “lean in” toward each other in ways that they never could before.

This led to each of the leadership team members including their own teams in the process which created a common language as well as the more detailed aspects of the insights of behavior that are available through the use of the The Birkman Method. As each person in the leadership team worked with their own team, the overall culture slowly began to show signs of improvement in trust and engagement.

This created a virtuous cycle of trust, communication, clarity and productivity that would have been impossible by taking different measures (you know because you have used them to no avail). Most importantly these improvements were now cultural expectations and have lasted and survived the test of time. Creating new habits of interaction and setting expectations of openness and transparency and sharing and collaboration has positioned this company to be successful in the 21st century.

Reinforcing this work with clearly defined vision, mission, values, competencies and goals sets the stage for future success. Best of all, new people join the company and are given the opportunity to “take a drink” and share in the common success of the group more quickly. Birkman also provides further enhancements of specialized reports in leadership, customer service, negotiating, and sales as well as comparative reports between any two people in the organization, integrated 360s and career guidance. So clarify and clear the water you already have and add the powerful insights of the Birkman to help your organization “get it into the drinking water”. We could all use a refreshing glass of this water.
Glass Drop

The Worklife Performance Consulting mission is to address team and individual transformation utilizing an “inside out” approach. We focus on individual assessment, empowerment and development as a foundation for lasting change while also providing insight, tools and support for creating and aligning highly effective teams. We are dedicated to the “people” side of change. Our services address the need for balance between the individual and the organization by incorporating motivational “fit” as well as skills “fitness” for an integrated approach to development. All of our work aims to empower individuals to control their work lives and consequently enhance both personal and organizational productivity.

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Dave Butler, President
WorkLife Performance Consulting, LLC