The Individual

WorkLife coaching first identifies personal goals and objectives, and then aligns them with and connects them to the direction of the organization.

WorkLife coaching facilitates the dialogue and helps explore the answers to critical personal development questions, such as:

— “What are the possibilities with this individual?”
— “How open is the individual to risk?”
— “Are the individual’s objectives consistent with what he or she has learned through self-exploration?”

With the individual, we design a custom coaching plan, which includes identity elements such as: Passion and Interest Exploration; Career Action Plan; Strategies & Techniques for Self-Management; Improved Communication Skills; Articulation of Value-Added Competencies; and Upgraded Job Descriptions, Resumes and Experience.

  • Personal and Professional Development 101
  • Personal Branding
  • Career Management Workshops
  • Plan B
  • Career Destinations
  • Individual Development
  • WorkLife Wellbeing


The Team

WorkLife facilitates the implementation of organizational change and business growth strategies by creating effective team behaviors. Team meetings, on- and off-site, are tailored to the unique requirements and demands of your organization to accommodate its specific business goals. To help reframe issues and identify core obstacles, we use motivational models for effective team behaviors. A dialogue process is used to impart understanding and insight by facilitating more meaningful conversations.

Our expertise includes: Strategic Planning; Goal Setting; Vision/Mission Development; Conflict Management; and Consensus Decision Making.

  • Effective Listening
  • Birkman Teaming Applications
  • Professional Excellence (Personal Brand for Teams)
  • Managing Change and Leading Transition
  • Role Specification
  • Building Team Agility


The Leader

For any executive, new leadership and management skills and styles must be regularly learned in order to prepare for, and adapt to, ongoing organizational stage.

At WorkLife, our unique style of Leadership Coaching provides an external and objective perspective on complex organizational issues. Our independent perspective has specific benefits, including: substantial improvement in communications at all levels; higher levels of energy and creativity; improved decision-making processes; behavioral changes that reinforce the mission, values and goals of the individual and organization; improved conflict management and negotiation skills; and more effective management of time consistent with what is important, not merely what’s urgent.

  • Competency Development
  • Job and Role Profiling
  • Workplace Enhancement
  • Mentoring
    • Diversity
    • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Company Newsletter/Articles Writing
  • Employee Engagement Presentation
  • Focus Groups


The Organization

The WorkLife model for organizational consulting focuses first on competency development, and second on identifying behavioral benchmarks of excellence required to execute the business strategy. Our holistic approach includes an integration of both technical IQ and behavioral EQ to produce a core competency framework. This framework supports hiring and selection, performance management systems and succession planning.

WorkLife explores the organization’s “competitive advantage” through the alignment, development and engagement of its people. This “talent mindset” focuses on: corporate culture, organizational adaptability, innovation, and agility;  and capacity for frequent, insightful and honest dialogue across all levels.

  • Coaching (i.e. Executive, Wellbeing, Career)
  • Consulting on Current Workplace Challenges & Trends
  • Custom Designed Programs on Organizational Development Topics
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Surveys (i.e. Employee, Culture, Customer, etc.)
  • Speaking & Presentations – Keynote, Luncheon or Full Day